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What’s with the frog?

People that know me well know I have a thing for frogs. There is more meaning behind that frog in my logo.

The History

Frogs seem to show up in my life when something major is about to happen. They are like a spirit animal that the universe sends to warn me of whatever is to come. I started to notice the frog revealings before I started my business. I found it very peculiar but yet each reveal was unforgettable.

When I was just starting my business like everyone else I had to come up with a brand. My brand has since changed multiple times except the frog. I was working with one of my graphic artist friends and she advised me that I needed some sort of an icon to represent my business. At that moment I knew it had to be a frog. There was no hesitation it was a gut feeling almost a knee jerk reaction. While she was busy designing my first logo, I decided to do some research on the meaning of frogs.

The Research

Frogs represent transition and transformation and support us in times of change. They also symbolize the rebirth stage in the cycle of life. When a frog appears it gives you the capacity to uncover opportunities and helps you swim easily through tough life changes.

The Result

One thing that is constant in this world is change, especially when it comes to the world wide web. As a developer it is imperative to be aware of the new languages that are rising or a new tool that I can use. Trends in Web design are forever changing too. Each day there is a new piece of information that can be utilized in some aspect when it comes to the Internet.

So with the frog representing transition and transformation while recognizing that the internet and technology are forever changing, I found it fitting to have a frog as my icon in my logo.