The Client

Kids Brain Gymnasium

Kids’ Brain Gymnasium approached me at the infancy stage of their business. The business owners were looking for a website to convey their unique business which is the first group-based cognitive skills training facility.

The challenge with any new businesses like KBG is that they change quickly, finding their roots while discovering their market.

The Toolkit

Digital Coaching
Technical Advisor

Tools Used


The Solution

With a business that is new to the market, it is important to be clear to the audience of who you are and what you do upfront. In the design phase of the site, we discovered their message was their method of practice of AMPED UP. While they didn’t have any graphic’s around their method I utilized their logo colors to create a visual interpretation of the words.

I also was able to assist with some technical suggestions. Since they were holding classes they wanted a feature for users to book a class. With so many competing products, I suggested a leading scheduling system and seamlessly implemented it into the website solving the problem of users having to leave the site to schedule a class.

Moving forward with KBG I not only support their ever-changing website needs but also provide digital coaching and technical advisory to the business. By discussing the business marketing goals I help strategize their marketing campaigns while helping them utilize the correct technology.

Kids Brain Gymnasium


“They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression! During the early stages of forming KB Gymnasium, our team admittedly had no clue as to how to utilize the internet to effectively deliver our core message and services to both current and potential customers. As we began to compile a list of required attributes of a developer we felt it compulsory that this individual possessed superior technical and strong communication skills. As a start-up with virtually zero knowledge on web design we required someone who could help map out and prioritize essentials so as to ensure both an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional site while not exceeding our budget.

An additional requirement for our developer was that they possessed a robust portfolio that exhibited these elements. After vetting several developers we had the great fortune of meeting Monika and it became immediately apparent that she checked all of the aforementioned boxes. During the requirement and implementation phase, we were immediately put at ease at Monika’s ability to quickly interpret our ask and operate with minimal supervision or check-ins. Monika was extremely transparent throughout the process and frequently demonstrated flexibility when we amended our initial asks. Monika unequivocally exceeded our expectations which were to design a site that has and will continue to leave an awesome first impression with its’ many visitors. Thanks again Monika.”