With the digital world constantly changing it can be hard to keep up. It is essential to keep things simple and straight forward while paying close attention to the details you desire. Working with Monika, you will learn the right tools and how to use them properly.

Technical Advisor

Understanding the technology to grow one’s business can be difficult. It is necessary to discover the tools that can be utilized and how to apply them to create results.

Digital Coaching

Discover your brand in a digital sense. Create an online strategy specifically for your brand based on your business's goals.


Designing solutions for websites and web applications. The key essential to web design is understanding the user experience while simplifying the user flow.


Building scalable solutions.
Knowing where to start while understanding the possibilities of growth is vital when developing for the web.

With no job too big or small, we will work together to create your desired goals. Understanding your business objectives is imperative in determining a precise visual experience. Through collaboration, we will create a customized solution to fit your business needs.

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Case Studies

With close to 20 years of experience, Monika has had a chance to work with many sizeable businesses. Over this period of time, she has discovered that not one project is the same, and each has its unique requests.

While offering various services, the following case studies provide a diverse exhibition of how Monika can deliver for each business’s needs.


As a leading department within Workwave, the Agency was looking for a technical strategy that could meet its fast growth. As a contracted consultant, Monika assists the Agency team with technical strategies while managing the development implementation.

The Toolkit
  • Technical Advisor
  • Design
  • Development

Kids Brain Gymnasium

With being new to their market, the Kids’ Brain Gymnasium was looking to create a website that not only conveyed their unique business but also allowed customers to book online for in-store sessions.

The Toolkit
  • Digital Coaching
  • Technical Advisor
  • Design
  • Development

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets, a boutique wine shop based in Brooklyn, NY, had a specific need for a website that would deliver an easy online shopping experience and an in-store virtual sommelier.

The Toolkit
  • Technical Advisor
  • Design
  • Development
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Currently Working With

Social Compass is a Georgia based boutique marketing agency. I am currently working on multiple web design and development projects.

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The Toolset

Utilizing the correct tools is vital with the web constantly changing.
That’s why it is so important to keep up to date with what’s in your toolkit.

Are you using the correct tools for your business?