With the digital world constantly changing it can be hard to keep up. It is essential to keep things simple and straight forward while paying close attention to the details you desire. Working with Monika, you will learn the right tools and how to use them properly.

Digital Coaching

Discover your brand in a digital sense. Create an online strategy specifically for your brand. Discover the tools that should be utilized and how to apply them to create results.


Take control of your identity.
Branding is an opportunity to define how customers recognize your business. A robust and consistent brand builds trust with customers.

Web Design

Designing solutions for websites and web applications. The key essential to web design is understanding the user experience while simplifying the user flow.

Web Development

Building scalable solutions.
Knowing where to start while understanding the possibilities of growth is vital when developing for the web.

"With no job too big or small, we will work together to create your desired goals. Understanding your business objectives is imperative in determining a precise visual experience. Through collaboration, we will create a customized solution to fit your business needs."

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Currently Working With

Starting with web maintenance, this project led to a bigger scope of work. Currently, we are working together to redesign a web application as well as a new website.

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Workwave is a software company based out of the Bell Lab Works building in Homdel, NJ. I currently work with them as a Web Designer and Developer.

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Social Compass is a Georgia based boutique marketing agency. I am currently working on multiple web design and development projects.

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Jill Warner was looking to start a new brand identity that expressed her passion for sharing her own personal experience to inspire others to grow, including the use of mindfulness, spirituality, and alignment.

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The Toolset

Being prepared with the correct tools is important with the web constantly changing. That’s why it is important to keep up to date with what’s in your toolkit.