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{ What is the meaning of UX? }

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What is UX?

Define UX:

UX stands for the User Experience. Simply it is the process of a user interacting with anything. From a digital perspective it is important to keep the user engaged while presenting the information clearly and directly. The main goal of UX is to take the “busyness” and complexity out, while keeping the valued information displayed simply.

The Challenge:

This does get challenging when dealing with larger applications which may have a more detail processes. Understanding the applications process is imperative before coming up with a solution. Sometimes a simple solution might be to break down a detailed process and turn it into a widget with steps.

My Answer:

My mantra of “Less is More” comes in to play within the UX realm. The biggest gripe I hear from clients is that a particular site is “too busy” or “it has too much going on I don’t know where to look”. Any user will be turned off immediately when there is information overload. When information is too difficult to find there is a high probability for that users to leave a site rather than continue searching. In today’s day and age people are not willing to wait or do the digging to find the answer. There is a need of immediate gratification. Applying my mantra “Less is More” keeps information straight forward and keeps it easy for the user to find what they are looking for.