Stacey Donadio

As a new realtor Stacey Donadio was in need of an identity to her newly found business. After understanding who she is and how she manages her real estate, I was able to come up with a brand identity for her. While we are still in the works in building her website, I was able to create some landing pages to capture her audience.

Business One

Business One came to me in April 2018 as a website maintenance job. They were in need of someone to maintain their current website. This lead into a bigger job when they approached me to design one screen for their current software application. After reviewing my work they gave me the green light to mock up a few more screens in their web app and then asked me to develop the front end code based off my design.

Gramercy Square

Working closely with Douglas Elliman Real Estate Marketing, we collaborated and came up with some Digital Marketing pieces for Gramercy Square. With tight deadlines and a limited budget we were able to produce elegant marketing pieces for the team to send out virtually.

Kidz Fitness

Kidz Fitness came to me as a startup business. The owner, Christel, was in need of the whole gamut. After providing a logo, business cards, letterhead and a sales brochure, it was time to focus of the website. Due to a timing and budget constraints we found a solution with a out of the box WordPress template. This provides a simple solution until the budget allows for a fully custom site.

Fair Health

Fair heath was referred to me by a fellow developer. They were looking to hire an outside developer for their project. I was able to work closely with their design and development team virtually. We were able to overcome development obstacles smoothly and without hesitation. I was in charge of building out the front end of a mobile application as well as build out their website.

Technologies Utilized

  • Foundation Framework


Fair Health Consumer


Fresh Kitchen

Fresh Kitchen is a quick serve restaurant located in Sea Girt, NJ. I collaborated with owner, Michael Nitto and corporate chef, Chris Burgess to create a unique expression of their distinctive process for personalizing meals. The two gave me creative freedom to develop a design that displayed their needs. I utilized WordPress for the convenience of changing content and in the future creating a blog for the business. I also created postcards for the business as coupons to patrons.

Liberty Residences

Liberty Residences are three state of the art luxury high-rise Multi-use buildings in downtown Manhattan. I worked closely with Goodstein Development and Douglas Elliman Real Estate to redesign the overall residences’ website. The client had a specific vision of how they wanted to incorporate the three different buildings as well as market the rentals and sales of building units. Working with both companies we found a solution for their requirements as well as giving the client the ability to update the site as they see fit.

Budding Green

As a poet and lyricist it was important to create a dynamic website for Gwynneth Green. Budding Green has gone a few revisions over the years as her muse has changed. Adding new features all while keeping the same functionality it was originally built upon. BG has been a long time client and I look forward to the next muse that hits.

Project Details

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • WordPress & Foundation framework
  • Custom PHP Widgets
  • WooCommerce Payment Integration



Shackleton Coffee

Shackleton Coffee is a custom coffee roaster based out of Norfolk, Va. I worked closely with the founder to design and develop an E-Commerce website. The client has the freedom to update content and connect with users through an educational blog. This allows the consumers to form a personal relationship with the product. WordPress gave the site customization and an E-Commerce solution all in one.

Project Detail

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • WordPress & Foundation Framework
  • Stripe Payment Integration