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About Monika

Monika Jakober has been a web developer since 2004. As a UX/UI developer she designs and develops simplified solutions for the web. Her work experiences include small business, individuals and teams all around the world. No job is too large or too small. Collaborating ideas and bringing new ideas to the table is her specialty. With the web ever changing it can be confusing to know where to start. Monika will take the time to understand your business, how it works and your goals before suggesting solutions.

A UX/UI Developer focuses on the user experience through an application or website. The main focus is to guide the user through a flow which leads to the desired end result in a simple manner. Taking out confusion visually while reducing the clicks.

User Experience (UX):

  • the overall experience of the product, how easy it is to use.

User Interface (UI):

  • the overall look and feel of the product, how it is laid out on the screen, colors and images that are being used.

With the web ever changing it is important to be constantly learning and using new technologies as well as standard solutions such as: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery.

When it comes to her clients, understanding their business is first and foremost, how it works and their goals. Whether it is a website, E-Commerce site or a simple digital brochure the intention is to contribute to the clients vision and build it.


Monika prefers to let projects flow organically. It is important to focus on the necessities to meet the end goal.


The development process begins with discussing the goals of each client. As a UX/UI specialist, she must first understand the end goal before figuring out where to start. To create a plan one must first understand the obstacles.

It is important to see the broad picture, like a bird’s eye view, thinking big. Once the entire vision has been discussed, Monika will then break the project out into phases if necessary. Breaking the project up into phases allows development to start with the necessities while keeping it scalable. Planning this way can help make realistic deadlines based on the client’s timelines and budget.

Overall, Monika’s objective is to help individuals bring their ideas to life.

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