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{ Why not SEO and SEM? }


Why not SEO and SEM?

Many clients ask me: “Why don’t offer SEO and SEM?”

The straight forward answer: “They have their own science and I haven’t mastered them yet.”

The Science

SEO and SEM is more than just plugging some keywords in, and adding meta tags to the header. That was the cure over 10 years ago. Now these new-aged web crawlers have smartened up and have algorithms that are constantly changing. There is now a science to what keywords to use, how many to apply and the best place to put them.

The Basics

It is important to know that I do apply the basics when it comes to SEO. ( Adding titles to pages, using the heading tags accordingly and applying alt tags to images to name a few.) However even though I have a general knowledge about SEO and SEM, I don’t feel comfortable offering a service that I am not confidant in. I want to be able to deliver quality services and products to my clients.

The Future

This is not to say I will not offer SEO or SEM in the future, it is just not in the current service offering that I have. I want to be well versed in the services that I offer and feel my clients deserve that at the very least. I know I wouldn’t go to a mechanic if they said they “kind of” know about cars, so why should SEO and SEM be any different! For now I will leave SEO and SEM up to the pro’s.